Four Lives – Legend of the Warrior’s Curse

Cover of Four Lives ebook

Regan Mac Dara, disgraced warrior, must break the curse that has haunted him through three lifetimes … before he dies again.

Cursed by the widow of an opponent he defeated in battle in ancient Celtic Ireland, Regan of Clan Mac Dara is doomed to be endlessly reborn. But, even as he gains wisdom as a martial arts master, and grows in power as the ruler of a large kingdom, he brings the mistakes of his past lives with him.

He is ready to die again, alone in a cave on a hillside in ancient Ireland, but a young woman, Orla of Clan Conall, finds him there. Half delirious, he tells her his stories. As she nurses him back to health, Orla recounts the stories of her own people, and they discover their legends have much in common.

But is Orla’s compassion enough to help to break the curse, or is Regan destined to be reborn as an outcast for all eternity?

‘Four Lives – Legend of the Warrior’s Curse’ is a Kindle Short Read, c. 13,000 words, and is available exclusively on Amazon.

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Kindle Categories: Legends & Mythology; Visionary & Metaphysical.