Digital Media | Content

The art of the digital media content creation, is blossoming here in Ireland, and below is a selection of short films I have been involved in, either writing, producing or occasionally assistant directing.

I Love You Suzie

Why would a man dread delivering a bouquet of flowers? A poignant 2-minute short, written by Trish Groves and directed/produced by Fiona Ashe.

Fifty People One Question, Dublin

Directed by award-winning human rights activist Dearbhla Glynn of Luachra Productions, I helped produce this insightful vox pop documentary for Trócaire Campaigns with Annelien Groten and Orla Quinn.

Fifty People One Question, Jerusalem

Also directed by award-winning human rights activist Dearbhla Glynn of Luachra Productions, this time in Israel, we posed the same question to people in a market place in Jerusalem: Israeli, Palestinian and tourists. I also helped produce this for Trócaire Campaigns with Annelien Groten.

She Can’t Fight Poverty and Injustice Alone

In just 30 seconds, this short film raises the issues of land-grabbing, women farmers, agri-business, drought and crop failure. The young family goes from happy self-sufficiency to struggling to survive because of a series of events completely outside their control. At the end of the video, the credits issue a call to action to visit Trócaire’s website and take action to end the scandal of hunger.

I wrote this short animation in my role as Campaigns Officer for Irish development agency Trócaire. ‘Trócaire’ is Irish gaelic for ‘mercy’ or ‘compassion’. The agency was set up in 1973 to fight poverty and injustice in the developing world.

The animation was produced and directed by uber-talented animator Cliff Parrot of Magpie6Media.

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Rex O’Reilly

Co-created and produced by Trish Groves, this pilot trailer was created for RTE’s Storyland as an homage to the vintage black and white heroes of old.  The 30-second version came second in the 2009 Zozzy TV competition.  Both were written, directed and edited by Noel Brady, who also co-created the series.

Rex On The Streets

Intrepid reporter MeLinda dash tries to interview Captain Rex O’Reilly on the streets of Dublin. The interviewer meets three actors, who may (or may not) be the real characters from the series.

Frankenstein (in 60 Seconds)

Made for the Jameson Empire 2010 done in 60 seconds competition, this is an homage to the James Whale film from the 1930s. Frankenstein was written, produced, directed and edited by Noel Brady.