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Petticoat Rebellion – The Movie!

Yes, at long last, the movie of the book is in development! Well, the early stages of development … the very, very early stages … but from tiny seeds do tall trees grow.

The Irish Film Board has agreed to reconsider ‘Petticoat Rebellion, The Anna Parnell Story’, for feature script development funding.

This means that, from next Monday, March 11th, I will start writing a ‘treatment’, i.e. an exciting short-story version, of the book. The Film Board will decide in May or June whether they will fund a full feature film script. And then it’s time to find a producer and put together a package of director, actors and everyone else the enormous team needed to make a feature film.

This week, I’m laid up in bed with a back strain, on painkillers, and unable to do much, other than poke my iPhone (hurray for the WordPress app for iPhone!) and read, which means I’ll be re-reading Petticoat Rebellion with fresh eyes.

Here’s to Petticoat Rebellion – The Movie!


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Patricia Groves – Portfolio and Bio

I’m Trish Groves, a writer.  I write for film, television, multimedia, print and publication.  “Petticoat Rebellion – The Anna Parnell Story”, my first historical biography, has just been published by Irish publisher Mercier Press, and is available in all good Irish bookshops and online bookstores.

Here are some samples of my work in film/multimedia:

I wrote and produced ‘Rapunzel – The Blonde Years’, which was funded by the Irish Film Board under its Virtual Cinema Scheme in 2008.

Rapunzel has screened at a series of major international film festivals including Darklight (Ireland), the Galway Film Fleadh (Ireland), the WOW World of Women Film Festival (Australia), the 11/22 International Short Comedy Film Festival (Austria) and the Notting Hill Film Festival (UK)…and it’s still doing the festival circuit.

I was assistant director to Vittoria Colonna on two music videos in 2009 for composer/performer Julie Feeney from her second album “Pages”, which was produced by Mark Kelly of Grey Man Films – here are two catchy hits “Love is a Tricky Thing”, which was filmed at 22 locations over 2 days, and “Impossibly Beautiful” which was filmed in de Studio in Dublin.

And last but not least, Save Tara Valley is a short documentary that was made in 2007 under the Creative Commons using footage from three filmmakers.  This is aerial art project featuring a human insallation on the ancient Hill of Tara by renowned aerial artist and climate change activist John Quigley, with an interview with filmmaker/activist Stuart Townsend, writer/director of Battle in Seattle.

And, as we screenwriters always say, “I have an interesting slate of projects in development”…watch this space!