Online Marketing

Google AdWords – It all makes sense

I could hardly sleep last night, thinking of Google AdWords. (Yes, Google Analytics sometimes keep me awake too…)

Yesterday evening at Griffith College Dublin, our lecturer Keith Feighery brought us through a lab on Advanced Google AdWords. Like a light switching on, it all suddenly made sense (at 2am), and I couldn’t wait to start designing campaigns.

This is remarkable, because last time I looked at AdWords (way back in early 2011), it made no sense to me at all. Google has really improved their online tutorials and help menu since then.

When I sat down this evening to complete my AdWords assignment for next week, the campaign grew organically and easily, and my draft ads received an average Quality Score of 7/10, which is not bad for a first attempt.

If Google AdWords has always had you stumped, take 3 minutes to watch this short animation. The audio isn’t great, but it might just give you that same ‘a-ha!’ moment.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing and Digital Strategy

Well, last night was Week Two in the excellent evening course in Online Marketing and Digital Strategy that I’m taking in Griffith College Dublin.

Over the twelve weeks of the course, each of the nine students will create a Digital Strategy for a particular product, campaign or website.

I’ll be building my project around a short-term campaign which will run in early 2011 as a pilot for future, longer campaigns. It’s really exciting to be able to use these learnings straight away, and to have the opportunity to put knowledge into practice. I’ll let you know how the project goes – and I would love it if you would take part!

Lecturer Keith Feighery is a powerhouse who barely stops for breath as he moves from one case study to another and guides us through the syllabus. He speaks ‘digital’ like it’s his mother tongue and sometimes it feels like we’re learning a new language.

While working on this project I’ll also be thinking about how to use these skills to help promote the Petticoat Rebellion e-book, which will be released before the end of the year by Mercier Press. Coming to a Kindle, iPad or pdf near you!

My final thought about online marketing is that nowadays, in many ways, even individuals need their own digital strategy. How we present ourselves online is so important. Friends, family and employers can find everything they need to know about us with just a few clicks – and do we always do ourselves justice, or do we occasionally let ourselves down? (I think I’ll probably come back to this theme again!)